Curriculum Vitae of Sjak Lomme 




2004 – present

Independent advisor on strategic, commercial and legal aspects of the market for electricity and natural gas and all related items such as transportation, storage, taxes and subsidies. Work for energy companies, industrial consumers and government organisations on a broad range of issue, including managing tenders for gas and electricity supply, valuing energy companies, designing tariff systems for the supply of gas and electricity via private grids, advice on energy tax issues.



1999 - 2005

Founder board member of VOEG, the Association of Energy Traders in the Netherlands.  Actively promoting the interests of members in the areas of producing, trading and supplying electricity and gas and the concepts of a free energy market, as well as meeting with key civil servants, policy makers and politicians on a regular basis. Prior to becoming Chairman in 2003, served as VOEG’s Secretary and then Vice Chairman.



2001 - 2004

Director of Strategy and Analysis for Energie Data Maatschappij (EDMij) in Amsterdam.  Responsible for interpreting developments, including regulatory issues, in the electricity and gas markets in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Advisor for industrial and governmental organisations, amongst others supplied content for the official information campaign of the Dutch Government on small consumers’ energy issues and designed standard electricity and gas contracts and placed these contracts in the market.




Regional Director for Southern Energy Europe (which later became Mirant) in Amstelveen.  Managed the Benelux front office. Responsible for identifying and capturing business opportunities in the Benelux region, including the valuation of the Demkolec coal gasifier.



1998 – 2000

Business Development Manager for Eastern Power and Energy Trading (which later became TXU Europe) in Den Haag.  Responsible for identifying business opportunities in the Benelux region.  Played a key role in valuing the Dutch public electricity producers UNA, EZH and EPON as part of the Company’s acquisition strategy, resulting in Eastern’s bid being short-listed for all three.  Wrote the business plans for the potential acquisitions and lobbied for Eastern’s interests in political and industrial circles.



1989 – 1998

Fuel purchaser for N.V Samenwerkende elektriciteitsproductiebedrijven (Sep) in Arnhem. Worked initially as a coal purchaser and later as a negotiator/manager for national and international gas contracts with volumes in the order of 7 BCM/year.  Closely involved in the operational and technical issues of Sep’s generating plants.

Member of Sep’s workers’ council for 9 years.  Involved in a broad spectrum of organisational and political affairs.



1988 – 1989

Researcher for TNO/SCMO (Study Centre for Environmental Research) in Delft. Responsible for identifying and prioritising cost effective measures to combat pollution of the Mediterranean.  Financed by the European Investment Bank and the World Bank.