SLEA BV offers a range of services with respect to the commercial energy market

and regulatory affairs:


Energy procurement and/or sales of energy and emissions rights

  • Market analysis
  • Investigating requirements, wishes and possibilities
  • Selecting the most suitable purchase and/or sales strategy and instruments
  • Executing the preferred selected strategy
  • European tendering


Support in taking (de-)investment decisions 

  • Analysis of market and regulatory situation; actual and likely developments
  • Subsidies
  • Feasibility studies


Merger and acquisition

  • Valuing contracts, assets  and positions
  • Detailed knowledge of market mechanisms and strategic positions
  • Detailed knowledge of regulatory affairs
  • Scenario analysis


Training, workshops, courses

  • SLEA’s detailed market knowledge is available via courses and workshops
  • Direct in-company trainings or as subcontractor for conference organisations
  • Comfortable with all subjects at all levels
  • Interested: call or send an e-mail


Market watch services 

  • Alert service: providing actual information tailored to specific needs
  • Counselling: individual and client specific information, briefings and discussion
  • Research: client specific in-depth analysis