About me

I worked on numerous projects involving modelling, merger & acquisition, trading & procurement and market entry studies. I participated as Dutch energy expert amongst others in due diligence projects for investors in transport and production systems and in suppliers of heat, electricity and gas. Quite regularly I arrange supply contracts for (groups of) end users, long term sales contracts for producers as well as sourcing contracts and shipping arrangements for retailers. For TenneT, I performed a market consultation into alternatives for investments in transport systems. Due to my in-depth knowledge of the Dutch energy markets and my capability to explain complicated issues in clear language, regularly I act as expert in court cases and arbitrations.

Sjak Lomme is well-known for his authorship of a number of publications about regulatory affairs and actual developments in the Dutch energy market. Already more than 19 years, I published the bi-weekly magazine Vrijhandelsoptiek, commenting on and informing the subscribers about consequences of (proposed) changes in the energy market. Since July 2018, the magazine, renamed as Trilemma, is published exclusively by quality news agency Energeia, part of the FD Mediagroep.

In 1989 I started my carriere in the energy and utilities industry, working as gas purchaser for SEP, the Dutch Electricity Generating Board. Since liberalization, I worked as business development manager for British and American energy traders and for a Dutch energy broker as adviser for clients on a broad scope of energy issues. In 1999, I was one of the founding board members of representative organisation VOEG. Since 2004, I’m active as independent advisor on commercial energy market and regulatory affairs issues.

I have a MSc in Technology Dynamics from Eindhoven Technical University and is fluent in English and Dutch.