The services

SLEA offers a range of services related to the Dutch commercial energy markets and/or to the laws and regulations relevant to the commercial energy market. The services include:

Support with purchase and/or sale of electricity, natural gas and/or emission rights

  • Market analysis
  • Inventory needs, wishes and possibilities
  • Determining the most suitable purchasing or sales strategy and associated instrument(s)
  • Drafting, implementing, supervising and assessing the result of the chosen strategy
  • Using the chosen purchase and/or sales instrument
  • European procurement rules

Support with (dis)investment decisions

  • Analysis of market and/or legislation and regulations (including tax aspects)
  • Subsidy schemes
  • Economic feasibility studies

Valuation of contracts, assets and positions

  • Market value
  • Scenario analysis
  • Calculate the influence of (changes in) legislation and regulations in scenarios

Knowledge transfer: training, workshops, courses

  • SLEA regularly provides presentations, courses and workshops
  • Both via conference organizations and directly ‘in-company’ for clients
  • With a wealth of knowledge and experience, SLEA is at home on all energy fronts and at all levels
  • Subjects vary from gas master class, energy trade to basic knowledge of the energy market

Market watch services

  • Alert service: up-to-date information tailored to the specific needs of individual customers
  • Retainer: individual customer-specific information provision, briefings and discussions
  • Research: customer-specific and in-depth analyses and reports

Support in litigation and arbitration

  • Acting as a witness/expert
  • Draft written expert opinion